We would like to invite you to build with us the most important international open innovation community on optimizing the use of domestic biomass heating systems, especially wood-based solutions (chimney, insert and stoves) in the Alpine Region. We need you to further protect our environment.

You are warmly welcome to join for free. Please participate actively in our crowdsourcing challenges related to this topic and even gain some rewards for your participation. We are here addressing a real problem as the emissions like particulate matter (including black and brown carbon) of old wood stoves and open fireplaces are very high (e.g. in Germany PM-emissions from domestic biomass heating systems double those of cars and trucks). We want to change that and are looking for your ideas and experiences! Hereby we see a huge chance in using biomass based domestic heating systems as the ecological footprint of new installations is very positive.

Please follow the links to the challenges:
















These challenges and the community are part of the Interreg - funded EU Project – BB-CLEAN – a transnational project with 8 partners from the alpine region. More information on the project can be found here https://www.alpine-space.eu/projects/bb-clean/

We just opened the first two challenges which are focusing on new technologies for, use of and awareness on biomass based domestic heating e.g. the correct use of wood, innovative technologies as well as small hints, ways to promote it in more efficient way and to raise awareness. They are intended for citizens, experts, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

We would like to invite you to read more about prepared challenges and to register online on www.innonatives.com . It is free, educational and you can win interesting awards.

Hope you will decide to join us and help us to reach the goal of raising awareness and saving our planet!