On 13th May 2019 the workshop for policy makers and public servants was hosted by the City of Augsburg and Eckert Schools. The event took place in in the City Hall of Augsburg. Amongst the guests were city councilors, members of the Bavarian Landtag (state parliament) and the Euro-MP for the region of Swabia a well as representatives of different departments of the municipality of Augsburg.

The workshop was opened by a welcome speech of Dr. Stefan Kiefer, the 3rd mayor of the City of Augsburg. Afterwards Eckert Schools introduced the common methodology and its key findings. The aim of the following topics was to give the participants an insight in the perspectives of a social service provider (Knut Wuhler, Eckert Schools), a foundation (Johannes P. Weber, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt) and a public authority (Max Weinkamm, City of Augsburg) regarding SIBs. Using the example of the eleven SIB which was finalized successfully in December 2015 the speakers told the participants their view on SIBs concerning opportunities and limitations to set up a SIB. Furthermore, Markus Ferber (Euro-MP), spontaneous held a speech about his view on SIB. After each speech the participants had the possibility to ask questions and to join the discussion.

The event was closed with a light lunch and a networking session.