On 16th July 2019, FHV participated at the Bahn-Bus Mobiltag Vorarlberg. This event was organized for the ceremonial inauguration of the new train sets that run in region of Vorarlberg. Thousands of citizens had the opportunity to marvel at the new ÖBB Cityjet TALENT3. The inauguration of the Cityjet was accompanied with speeches of the president of Austria (Alexander van der Bellen), the governor of Vorarlberg (Markus Wallner) and the major of the town of Dornbirn (Angelika Kaufmann). As the Austrian president van der Bellen highlighted: “A well developed, modern public transport system is an important investment in climate protection”.

MELINDA-Project partner FHV took this event as an excellent opportunity to get engaged with the citizens of Vorarlberg and the project stakeholders and target groups. FHV conducted interviews related the Mobility of the Future (citizens requirements, stakeholder requirements) and raised awareness about the MELINDA project. This included an expert talk with the Austrian president van der Bellen and the hand-over of the project’s questionnaire towards the Mobility of the Future. Additionally, FHV was able to get in contact with policy makers and representatives of political parties that attended the Bahn-Bus Mobiltag Vorarlberg too.