On 24th July, the new state strategy for sustainable bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg was presented at the event "Sustainable Bioeconomy Plan B - Innovation engine for urban and industrial areas in Baden-Württemberg" at Schwabenlandhalle in Fellbach near Stuttgart. Gloria Kraus, project coordinator of "AlpBioEco", held a lecutre on "Bioeconomic approaches on the local level". The example of AlpBioEco in the City of Sigmaringen was very well received by stakeholders from business, science and politics.

Baden-Württemberg's new strategy for the implementation of Bioeconomy has received much praise because it combines technological and socioeconomic aspects and makes bioeconomy measurable. 
On a local level, the targeted measures offer multiple opportunities for cities. These include, for example, the areas of further training for specialists and employees in the public sector, industry and public dialogue, innovation and community building. The lecture "Bioeconomic approaches on the local level", in which Gloria Kraus presented the AlpBioEco-project in the City of Sigmaringen as a local example, was well received by stakeholders from business, science and politics. 
The event "Sustainable Bioeconomy Plan B", organized by the state of Baden-Württemberg and BioPro Baden-Württemberg GmbH, was intended to contribute to deepening already existing topics of sustainable bioeconomics in industrial and urban areas, but also to take a look at new innovation engines in urban and industrial areas for a sustainable bioeconomy. For more information download the full report below (in german).

Photo:  © Biopro (2019)