Sopraceneri 09.10.19 S.Antonino - Sottoceneri 16.10.19
SUPSI Campus Trevano, Switzerland
Organised by: Greenkey, SUPSI Knauf, Hilti e Prefa

Two parallel events of information and exchange between companies in the construction and photovoltaic sectors were organized in Ticino. Subject was the multifunctional building envelope, with light and active coatings.
Renowned companies in the construction sector met professionals in order to illustrate the potential of the dry, high-performance, thin, durable and energetically active envelope, in saving space, taking care of the appearance of new and existing buildings and equipping buildings with elements of active casing to produce clean energy. The companies Knauf, Hilti, Prefa and Greenkey met the professionals and the University of Italian Switzerland SUPSI and presented how the active envelope and solutions of solar architecture can make even landscape-protected buildings self-sufficient.

The event was also an opportunity to inform many professionals about the activites of the Interreg Alpine Space ATLAS research projects and IEA-SHC Task59 / EBC Annex 76. Moreover the following topics were discussed: solar architecture, BiVP (photovoltaic systems integrated into buildings) as a reference construction model and solar integration in historic buildings.

The event was attended by about 25 architects / engineers per evening, with locally and nationally-renowned professionals.