During the excursion we visited variety of farms and companies from the target group of SME in Austria.  One of them was a majore producer of farm equipment and a dairy farm, and while there, we had a interesting conversations and discussion of digitalisation in the sector and particularly at dairy farms.

Amongst other major topics discussed during the excursion and farm visits were:
  • always starting with the question - what are the benefits for the farmer if using the SESAM equipment?
  • Special attention was given to the form and organization of trainings, that the ZW must carry out in relation with the WP T3 Roll out and training in Alpine region. The role of routine vocational training course was well recognised by the experts and the farmers themselves.
  • Dialogue-oriented meeting with Austrian farmers, was mutually beneficial for all the participants. The increase of knowledge goes in both directions as farmers and experts share their experience and expectation from the sensor based devices, animal activity patterns and animal health information database.
  • Special atention was given tothe way that the animal helth information fro the MRO will be kombeined with the activity information from the sensors, in order to deliver alerts to the farmer for potential problem.