Within the final event of Greencycle different circular economy showcases got the possibility to introduce their projects within a world café session:

The H2020 project “Cinderella” aims to develop and demonstrate a circular economy business model to assist companies in setting up successful circular economy business cases based on waste-to-resource opportunities. One of their challenges is how to get the certifications for the new construction materials made of secondary raw material. The other big issue is how to make it a business model? The project is in the middle of its project duration and will soon start its pilot project together with the Interreg Central Europe project “City Water Circles”. Their pilot will be the construction of two water reservoirs – one for waste water and one for rainwater – out of secondary raw material of the construction sector and then to re-enter the water into the construction work chain by making concrete. The pilot will test if the water quality is good enough for making concrete. Still there are a lot of open questions in both of the projects, the project partners are confident to find solutions to reduce the waste of construction material and water.