BE-READI ALPS will develop webinars  to be delivered to companies as concrete learning pills about new concepts and ideas (e.g. crowdfunding opportunities), or to getting a new perspective on topics companies are already familiar with (e.g. access new markets). In addition, the new challenges launched by the COVID-2020 emergency will be tackled proposing companies new solutions and opportunities

  • webinars will be produced accordingly to BE-READI Points’ core business experience;
  • Multilingual approach will be used when possible. 

Stay tuned with our social media not to loose any of our webinars!

I. What to expect

A webinar is an online meeting which connects individuals with viewers across the world. Hosts can show themselves speaking, switch to their computer screens for slideshows or demonstrations, and even invite guests from other locations to co-host the webinar with them.
The main feature of live webinars is interactivity, or the ability to discuss, send and receive information in real-time while the adventages of recorded webinars it to allow participants to connect and live the webinar experience whenever they want it to.


II. Format of the webinar session

  • Webinars are mainly online to ensure interactivity with attendees. However, according to the topic and content, some webinars could be recorded offline and available to the public at any moment;
  • Webinars last from 20 minutes to 1 hour with Q&A exchanges, according to the topic and content;
  • A selection of speakers from the BE-READI Points and other institutions relevant to the field will host the webinar sessions.



Provide new information and insights within a niche-specific topic.


Invite successful SMEs who have launched innovative process and let them talk about their good practices, have their feedbacks and precious advises.


III. Thematic

  • Finance (access to finance, EU financial tools, pitch to investors, fundraising methodology…)
  • Digital (AI for SMEs, build a mobile app with no code, social media strategy, video marketing, viral branding)
  • International (engage in cooperation with Alpine space partners, strategy to access foreign market, collaboration and networking)
  • Innovation (design thinking, launch of a side business, ideation process, agile methodology)
  • Success stories (testimonials and experience feedback from successful SMEs who have launched innovative processes)