Since SaMBA started in early summer in 2018, the project has put a strong emphasis on local and regional events, campaigns and activities. With its goal to trigger behaviour change in mobility patterns, SaMBA is a low-carbon project with a social sciences perspective, in which face-to-face meetings and encounters with local stakeholders and the general public were important factors of the partners' work.

With the emergence and spread of Covid-19, those meetings were suddenly impossible, making work in the pilots more difficult. Especially the activities focusing on mobility behaviour change in schools in Italy and Chieri came to a halt. Also the pilot case in and around Grenoble was impacted: Having focused on increasing car sharing in the region, the measures were no longer attractive for people going from or to work.

On the other hand, the cycling campaign tested in the county of Emmendingen, Germany in summer 2019 and foreseen for 2020, has become more interesting for the public as cycling is becoming a more frequently used means of transport. In many countries the amount of bikes sold is rising, with some Alpine countries incentivizing the purchase monetarily.

In the future, SaMBA activities will contain a mix of offline and online activities. Thus, the second transnational workshop will be held online in October 2020, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the event and to learn from the results obtained in the SaMBA project. These virtual events will also bring together stakeholders and experts from several Alpine Space countries, in order to contribute to an on-going cooperation for sustainable living conditions in the Alps.