Founded in 1818, the University of Hohenheim combines the faculties of agricultural sciences, natural sciences and economics and social sciences. The university is positioned in three main fields of research: Bioeconomics; World Food Security and Ecosystems; and Health Sciences. It is a major player in research on the bioeconomy.

The University coordinates the Strategic Network Bioeconomy (BECY), a network of five leading universities in the emerging research field of bioeconomy and related disciplines (University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo State University (UNESP, both Brazil), Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM, Mexico), University of Guelph (UoG, Canada) and the University of Hohenheim). It has also a Bioeconomy Research Center that networks researchers in the agricultural, natural, business, economic and social sciences on issues raised by the bioeconomy. The Center represents the university in important national and international committees and initiatives, networks with key players in the bioeconomy and carries out major national and international cooperative projects.

A collaboration with AlpBioEco as part of the Master of sciences on Bioeconomy

The Master's degree is an interdisciplinary programme dealing with the bioeconomy in a transversal way. The ecological, social and economic aspects of the bioeconomy are addressed as well as the required innovations and adaptations of policy frameworks accompanying the transition to the bioeconomy.

At the end of April AlpBioEco started to cooperate with the University of Hohenheim for a module within the Master's programme. In this module, entitled "Research Projects in the Bioeconomy", a group of four students are researching and analysing the EU bioeconomy strategy and the national bioeconomy strategies of the five AlpBioEco countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia. The research process take place under the supervision of the AlpBioEco project partners and through regular exchanges via online meetings. The students' research will contribute to the fourth Work Package T4 of the AlpBioEco project, which will start in August. The results of the student group will be presented to all project partners in early July and to the University of Hohenheim for grading on 15 July 2020.

For more information on the programme: Master of Science in Bioeconomy

For more information on the University and its research in the bioeconomy: University of Hohenheim and the bioeconomy

For more information on cooperation, contact Anna Bäuerle, AlpBioEco project coordinator: