"The wood and pellet toward environmental sustainability"


BB-Clean international conference

Renewable energy in the form of biomass is becoming increasingly important as countries realize that bioenergy offers a solution to international commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Biomass is a local, affordable and versatile, but despite its advantages, biomass burning can lead to consistent particulate matter (PM) emissions, often unknown to population and local administrators.

To protect our climate, natural ecosystems and health, we should ask ourselves: Is there a better way to burn biomass? What is sustainable biomass? How can we be sure of quality of biomass we burn?

In the past years BB-Clean project was focused on the challenge of developing a transnational policies for a sustainable use of biomass for domestic heating to minimize the environmental impacts and improve a smart use of this resource. 

To find out more, join us on 

OCTOBER 15th 2020, 9:30 AM.


Due to Covid-19 BB-Clean International conference will be held online.


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