Entente Valabre and BRGM organized a meeting made up of experts in fields ranging from risk and cultural heritage management to crisis management. 
The aim of this meeting was to present the CHEERS project, the work done and the next steps to the various experts, in order to collect their feedback and integrate their expert opinions.
It took place on 10 September 2020 in Gardanne at the Valabre headquarter.
The meeting was a chance of exchange between the participants, who tackled the following themes: 
The current and future organization for the natural risk management and the safeguard of cultural heritage and of institutional; 
The relational network among the stakeholders concerned in the different sectors and at different administrative and technical levels; 
What has to be improved in the protection of cultural heritage face to natural risks, with highlights.
The discussions allowed also to remark organizational and resources gaps in the various sectors and to suggest what actions could improve them.
More details about this event and the other exchange meetings in Austria and Italy are available in the page Technical Reports