Last ALPGRIDS day at the "Don Milani" Scientific High School in Udine- Italy. On February 26th there took place the final meeting of the educational workshop promoted by the Municipality of Udine in collaboration with AIF - Italian Association for the Teaching of Physics.

Thanks to the favourable covid prescriptions currently applied to local schools, City of Udine brought directly to the 2nd year students its experiences gained through the ALPGRIDS pilot.

The case study encompasses four municipal buildings to be structured as a Renewable Energy Community according to the new national law transposing the European Directives on Energy Communities. Technologies underpinning an Energy Community were presented to the students to make them clear how the balance between local energy producers and consumers works. In addition, starting from the ALPGRIDS goals, students got familiar with EU-funded projects able to stimulate delocalized production of renewable energy and allow a municipality to become a pioneer in the implementation of the new laws.

In mid-February, AIF’s experts had already turned the benches of "Don Milani" 2nd year classroom into as many workbenches and provided assembly materials as well. Students were guided to realize by themselves simple PV elements obtained from the production waste of industrial PV modules: a demonstration of recovery and reuse under the insignia of the circular economy.