The publication in late December 2020 of the Technical Rules by the GSE - Italian public authority managing the national electrical services - completed the first phase of the law creation process aimed to promote and safeguard the jointly acting renewables self-consumers. In 2021 in Italy, it comes alive the testing phase that will lead to detect cues and needs useful for the full and final transposition of EU Directive 2018/2001 on Renewable Energy into the national legislation.

Its mission and the law current provisions prompt the GSE to manage incentives at national level for new prosumers’ communities and produce advice, recommendations and suggestions for implementing the transposition of the Directive through the monitoring of the test phase.

For this purpose, the GSE in collaboration with the Regions is currently scheduling and holding meetings of the national focus groups as privileged opportunities for informing and updating energy stakeholders, exchanging experiences already gained or still on-going and collecting feedbacks. The aim is to accelerate the experimental phase and finetune the public consultation process.

On April 27th the GSE invited Municipality of Udine to the regional focus group to present the city’s progress in the roadmap towards the establishment of the first Energy Community in the urban area -Udine’s ALPGRIDS case study.

The on-line webinar involved a group of 82 stakeholders in the experience exchange: local authorities, condominium administrators, NGOs, SMEs, ESCos, professionals and technical experts, developers and citizens, in addition to the 17 speakers and organizers of the event. The energy manager of City of Udine presented the achievements reached so far through the ALPGRIDS pilot:  results from energy data processing by DeMEPA srl, Energy Community best configurations, investments optimizing the pilot technical equipment’s and investment payback period.