1st regional stakeholder group meeting of the Valle d’Aosta pilot areas

Jun 14, 2023

The RSG, part of SmartCommUnity test areas, was attended on 9.6.2023 by the Regional Councillor Luciano Caveri, the directors of the two parks (Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso and Parco Naturale del Mont Avic), mayors of the communities and groupings of municipalities (Unités des Communes) in the parks, the Aosta Valley Local Action Group (LAG Valle d’Aosta), Fondation Grand Paradis, the University of Valle d’Aosta, the Protected Areas structure of the regional administration, and Poliedra as the project’s methodological partner.

During the meeting, the debate among those present opened on the definition of smart community, which is ambitious because it embraces the concept of smartness both in a narrow sense, that is, the one related to aspects of technological innovation, and in a figurative sense, the one that emphasizes the identity, social and green dimensions of the areas involved. The definition, which focuses on mountainous or rural areas, will then be discussed again not only at the local level but also at the global partnership level.

The meeting made it possible to establish the Regional Stakeholder Group with a bottom-up approach by providing information on its objectives, structure, and planned activities in order to share its approach and organization and to select good practices and guide the testing of the proposed smart solutions in the areas involved.