A first look at the energy data survey and the CERVINO alpine energy data platform – topics at the CERVINO meeting on 30 January 2023

Feb 20, 2023

CERVINO is preparing an energy data platform for the Alpine region. With the help of an automated, regular survey, energy data from the region will be collected, which will facilitate the planning, implementation and monitoring of energy projects in the Alps. The data to be requested in the survey in the future was one of the topics of the project meeting on 30 January. To select relevant data for the survey, the CERVINO team asked AG9 members and representatives from the regions to give their feedback on the two surveys that had already taken place in 2017 and 2019. What data should continue to be asked for, what is the availability of that data and what energy data should be added in the future? Based on the feedback from the stakeholders, the team is now developing the new survey under the leadership of the research institute and project partner Eurac. In March, a workshop will be held for AG9 members to evaluate the new survey before it is sent out in the Alpine region in April. A first glimpse of the survey interface was already shown at the project meeting.

The planned CERVINO energy data platform for the Alps was presented by project partner AURA-EE. The basis for the new decision support tool is the open-source code of TerriSTORY, a tool that was created in the French region Rhône-Alpes and is now used all over France. Based on this tool, AURA-EE is developing the CERVINO energy data platform for the entire Alpine region. The possibilities offered by the TerriSTORY tool, and thus in the future also by the CERVINO platform, can be seen in a short film https://youtu.be/4q8WzP4MAek : With energy data from the regions, it is possible to select thematic indicators such as energy consumption or renewable energy production, to visualise infrastructures such as renewable energy installations and to display challenges for the individual regions. This makes it possible to analyse one’s own area, to project action plans on the way to the energy transition until the year 2050 as well as the estimated impact e.g. in terms of energy, emissions or employment figures. This roadmap can then be used to implement the actions in one’s own area. A first draft of the CERVINO platform for the Alpine region will be presented in a meeting with WG9 members. In spring 2023, an online event is planned where stakeholders can get to know the possibilities of the new CERVINO Alpine Energy Data Platform – the dashboard, the export of data and much more.

The visual element you see in the article, developed by project partner Energiewende Oberland and presented at the project meeting, shows how in the future you can recognise the CERVINO survey and the data platform at a glance.