A Journey Through Our Pilot Areas: Pradibosco in Val Pesarina

Jun 26, 2024

Join us on an exclusive journey with journalist Maurizio De Matteis from Dislivelli magazine as he captures footage and shares his firsthand experiences for the upcoming BeyondSnow video narrative. Travel with Maurizio as he ventures into the heart of our pilot areas, like Val Pesarina and Pradibosco, uncovering the essence of alpine life.

This June, we went on a mission to Val Pesarina, Carnia in Friuli, to create a video at the Pradibosco winter station.

Val Pesarina, which hosts the family-friendly Pradibosco winter station (downhill and cross-country skiing) at an altitude of 1200 meters, has a vibrant and active community. Despite experiencing depopulation like the rest of Carnia, with the gradual departure of part of the younger population, the local community has realized that the ski offer, which has always had relative importance in the valley, is no longer economically sustainable, partly due to climate change, and needs support.

As long as the station remains operational, thanks to recent technical investments, it can serve family and beginner tourism. However, the community and administrations are convinced that in the future, they must also focus on other attractions to draw people interested in the region’s rich cultural history, which can serve as a catalyst for local development.

Alessandro Leita, a young craftsman from Val Pesarina, is a renowned carpenter and luthier specializing in harpsichords, known and respected worldwide. He learned to ski in Pradibosco, like many others, but he knows that the future of his valley cannot rely solely on skiing. He tells us about high-quality craftsmanship that enhances the local forest wood.
Annalisa Cleva, from the Claris tourist office and representative of the Clock Museum, explains how the unique and original history of the valley’s famous tower clocks and public building clocks, produced along the entire Alpine arc and beyond, is now one of the main attractions of the valley.

In short, in Val Pesarina, the transition of the tourism offer is underway and is already halfway there, thanks to a resilient community and institutions working to enhance cultural aspects and high-quality craftsmanship.