Article about Fast Fashion published on The Conversation

Apr 16, 2024

We’re thrilled to share the article on The Conversation France by the fantastic team of Diego Rinallo, Ph.D., Verena Gruber, Marta Pizzetti, and Miriam Farias Leite Farias from our partner emlyon business school and emlyon Lifestyle Research Center.

“Contre la « fast fashion » les productions locales doivent être plus et mieux soutenues” analyzes the team’s qualitative, quantitative, and experimental studies focusing on the grip of fashion on the industry, with its environmental and social impacts reverberating globally. For instance, since the turn of the century, clothing production has nearly doubled, but consumers hold onto their garments for only half the time.

Another interesting point is that awareness is growing, with consumers associating Alpine products with sustainability and having a positive view of products made from upcycled or recycled wool. However, while consumers are urged to make sustainable choices, they often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the textile industry with its offers and promotions — which, in turn, makes it hard for companies offering sustainable alternatives to be heard.

So, what could the key to a feasible improvement be? The team’s endeavor suggests that fast fashion is too vast a problem for a single actor to tackle. The response cannot rely solely on the consumer making the right choice or companies communicating better. Decision- and policy-making play a vital role, too. Punitive measures should be combined with regulations that actively support and encourage more sustainable fashion, for instance, by supporting the relocation of skills to regions with a rich and long-standing textile cultural heritage like the Alps.

You can read the full article here.

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