CEFoodCycle at the Progress Dialogue in Vienna

Dec 28, 2023

In autumn 2023, the Progress Dialogue took place in Vienna at the invitation of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation & Technology.

Legal and strategic developments in Austria were discussed. At the end of the day barriers, opportunities and solutions on the path to a circular economy were clearer, the circular economy network has grown and the CEFoodCycle project was teased.

The main takeaways of Christine Vallaster (Paris Lodron University Salzburg) were:

– Awareness of the need to establish a true circular economy is not yet high enough among both producers and consumers.

– Many manufacturers still think linearly. “Circular economy” is not yet seen as a “future opportunity” by many. The diversity of the term doesn’t make it any easier.

– Clear legal framework conditions are needed for investment and planning security in companies (many industries have very long investment cycles).

– Research and development on the circular economy and funding for the implementation of circular economy projects is/are still too low.

– There is a lack of circular economy business cases and business models, as financing is a major challenge.

Christine Vallaster were particularly impressed by the description of the conversion of the new/old “Magdashotel” in Vienna: Reuse needs passion and time, because more value is attributed to things. This is contrary to the linear economy, in which “things” are thrown away because they are no longer needed or wanted – and in which waste is not monetised. This has to change if we want to move towards a circular economy.