Celebrating Sustainability: CEFoodCycle project presented at HM University’s Sustainability Festival

Jun 24, 2024

A sustainability festival at HM University was held on 18th of June, organized by various initiatives including the Ökoprofit project and Green Campus Pasing.

Among the festival’s highlights was the participation of the CEFoodCycle project, showcasing innovative approaches to sustainability within the university’s framework. The CEFoodCycle project encourages community engagement and education in food waste and CO2 emissions reduction, promoting sustainable practices that empower businesses to make informed choices.

The deans from the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Social Studies emphasized sustainability’s crucial role in university research, teaching, and practice during their welcome speeches. They commended the dedication of participants and urged continued efforts in this area.  The festival provided platforms like stalls, rescued food offerings, guided tours, and information sessions on sustainable topics and ongoing projects, promoting a collaborative environment for sustainable development at HM University.


For more information about this event, please contact our project partners at HM University in Munich:
Prof. Susanne Winger-Spintig:  susanne.spintig@hm.edu
Beatriz Hoffmann-Kuhnt:  beatriz_sobral.hoffmann-kuhnt@hm.edu