A Journey Through Our Pilot Areas: Bohinj

Jul 3, 2024

Join us on an exclusive journey with journalist Maurizio De Matteis from Dislivelli magazine as he captures footage and shares his firsthand experiences for the upcoming BeyondSnow video narrative. Travel with Maurizio as he ventures into the heart of our pilot areas, like Bohinj (Solvenia), uncovering the essence of alpine life.

Last June, we embarked on a mission to the municipality of Bohinj, within Triglav National Park, for video production in the pilot areas.
The Municipality of Bohinj in Upper Carniola, Slovenia, partly within Triglav National Park, hosts several equipped winter tourist areas, some of which are interconnected and managed by different entities.

For 25 years, these areas thrived thanks to abundant snowfall, influenced by Adriatic weather patterns. Recently, however, the lower areas have started facing issues with snow retention. While the higher areas continue to receive adequate snowfall in winter, the lower areas remain green, and average temperatures no longer support artificial snowmaking.

What can be done to support second-home owners, hoteliers, and the local economy? Tomaž Rogelj, Director of the Pokljuka Sports Centre, explains their commitment to promoting sports activities around their biathlon and cross-country skiing center year-round, both in summer and winter.

Matjaz Stare, head of the Bohinj Tourist Association, tells us that their strategy is to push innovative offerings, from biking to trekking, from lake landscapes to local culture. As he says, “under the snow, there is always the mountain,” and it is the mountain that interests visitors coming to Triglav National Park.