Exploring Future Scenarios for Mountain Areas in Valmalenco and Maniva Living Labs

Jun 27, 2024

On Tuesday June 18 in Lanzada (Sondrio province) and Monday June 24 at Passo Maniva (Brescia province), UNIMONT, center of excellence of the University of Milan, organized the second local workshop in collaboration with Lombardy Region as part of the Interreg Alpine Space TranStat project.

By combining local participatory processes with international discussions, the TranStat project helps local communities traditionally focused on winter tourism to develop effective strategies and policies for adapting to climate change.

Out of nine ski resorts involved, the recent days highlighted the Italian Living Labs in Valmalenco and Maniva. These two days featured participatory workshops with citizens and various stakeholders. After presenting key findings from UNIMONT’s territorial data analysis, attendees engaged in a co-creation session to imagine future scenarios and ideas for their territories.

This work was crucial for discussing strategies to enhance the territory beyond winter tourism. The discussions also promoted greater cohesion and collaboration among local actors. Each participant shared their perspectives and experiences, shaping visions of a desirable future to help local communities tackle climate change challenges.

The participatory process will drive the next steps, which include exploring necessary transition actions to implement the locally identified scenarios, supported by insights from similar efforts across the Alpine region.