H2MA Global Stakeholder Meeting

Mar 15, 2024

We are excited to invite you for our upcoming H2MA Global Stakeholder Meeting, which will take place on two occasions (March 18th at 11:00 CET and March 26th at 10:00 CET), providing flexibility to accommodate your schedules.

Purpose of the meeting:
The aim of the meeting is to foster collaboration among transportation enterprises, policymakers, bus companies, hydrogen companies, and other relevant stakeholders in designing a Transalpine Green H2 mobility route plan. By leveraging the expertise and insights of diverse stakeholders, we aspire to accelerate the transnational roll-out of green hydrogen mobility infrastructure in the Alpine region.

Objectives of the meeting:
Improve the governance of green hydrogen mobility
Increase the uptake of green hydrogen for heavy transport
Strengthen the cooperation framework between public authorities and companies involved in green hydrogen mobility

Remember that your participation in this meeting represents a unique opportunity to shape the future of green hydrogen mobility in the Alpine region. By contributing your expertise and insights, you can play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and driving meaningful impact in combating climate change.