Highlights from Austria the FRACTAL Re-Green Festival

May 14, 2024

The Fractal Re-Green Festival, held on April 26th and 27th, 2024 in Austria, brought together nature enthusiasts, educators, and local communities for two days of immersive experiences and hands-on learning.

Kicking off the festivities on April 26th, the Raab Nature Park organized a special event for students from nature park schools. Over 120 children, aged 6 to 11, from the Raab Nature Park, Weinidylle, and the Hungarian National Park, embarked on a journey through the orchard, exploring its diverse ecosystem through six interactive stations. From learning about insect diversity to experiencing the symphony of animal sounds, the children engaged in activities designed to deepen their appreciation for nature.

On April 27th, the festival opened its doors to the wider community, offering guided tours and insightful workshops at the “Obstparadies.” Participants discovered the art of cultivating wild fruit trees, delved into climate monitoring practices within orchards, and sampled an array of locally sourced kinds of honey, apple wines, and juices. Moreover, lucky winners walked away with prizes such as bags of regional meadow seeds, young fruit trees, and course vouchers for future endeavours at the “Obstparadies.”

In the afternoon, gardening enthusiasts gathered in Neumarkt an der Raab for a guided tour led by expert gardener Peischl. Participants learned about the nuances of seasonal gardening, optimal planting times, and soil cultivation techniques essential for nurturing a thriving garden ecosystem.


Two successful days for FRACTAL project in Austria!