I-SWAMP seminars for high schools and elderly organized in Slovenia

Jun 14, 2023

On May 25th, our staff in the IRSNC organized two seminars aimed at two age groups not directly involved in other I-SWAMP activities: high schools students and the elderly. Even if not directly involved, these targets can constitute important audiences for the project and its objectives.

We organized a workshop dedicated to high schools in small wetlands along the Drava river in Slovenia, in the Geopark area. The students carried out field activities on aquatic invertebrates and water quality, with species recognition and conservation interventions in favor of freshwater crayfish.

At the same time, we held a seminar dedicated to the elderly of the Slovenian Karawanke, in the Geopark Center in Mezica, with particular attention to Dolga Brda bog, one of our project sites. The participants were also asked to relax while painting new tote bags with the I-SWAMP logo and the cover illustration of our didactic booklet prepared by the IRSNC forester and illustrator Samo. The meeting also gave the possibility of broader comparisons, including linguistic ones!

The comparisons of cultures and different groups and exchange between countries somehow reflects the soul of Interreg, which aims at close collaboration and synergy between European countries and cultures.