Insights from Austria – Food Waste Prevention & Food Banks

Oct 19, 2023

The Austrian Institute of Ecology took part in the discussions, focusing on food waste prevention and collaborations among food value-chain actors during Die Tafel Österreich’s 1st Zukunftsdialog. This event, which marked the organization’s 25th anniversary, brought together over 250 participants to address pressing issues like Sustainable Development Goals, food waste, and the equilibrium between charitable and commercial food rescue. It highlighted the necessity for multifaceted adjustments to secure the future of their work and prevent food waste while having a positive social impact. The colleagues of the Austrian Institute of Ecology representing the CEFoodCycle project on-site discussed innovative ways to prevent food waste with key players in the Austrian food industry as participants in multiple workshop settings. Stakeholders included players from agriculture, producing businesses, interest groups, food retailers, and social enterprises.

(c) Image: CEFoodCycle