Partner Meeting in Bled, Slovenia

Aug 17, 2023

Our second partner meeting took place in Bled, Slovenia, in the framework of the CEFoodCycle project, which is funded by the Interreg Alpine Space program. During this meeting, diverse topics in the context of food, food waste and circular economy were discussed. A central focus was on the presentation of the status quo of each participating country as well as the in-depth discussion of Circular Food Hubs.

The event was enriched by the presence of various external guests. Among them were Gasan Osojnik, Taj Clar and Lenka Zorko. These external participants offered insights into their companies that served as examples of best practices from Slovenia.

The two-day partner meeting generated a dynamic and stimulating climate for discussion. Special attention was paid to the visit of Jon Goriup, representing the company This company shows potential in linking the diverse stakeholders along the food chain.

(c) Image: CEFoodCycle