Potential of Biochar

Aug 11, 2023

Back in June Tanja Berglez Krivec from our Project Partner Štajerska gospodarska zbornica had the opportunity to present the potential of turning biobased waste material into bio-char at the Slowenian conference “Okolje in Odpadki”. She also talked about the Interreg Alpine Space project Alps4GreenC, it’s activities and targets.

Especially Slovenia, a country blessed with abundant forests, is facing the challenge of dealing with approximately 1 million m3 of damaged wood yearly. Biochar now offers the opportunity to convert this valuable resource into a new product. Biochar has also gained recognition as a crucial element in CO2 utilization, as acknowledged by the IPCC. While the concept of biochar production is relatively new, most countries need proper legislation to support its development. 

Biochar can also be derived from other waste materials such as sludge obtained from wastewater treatment. This versatile material can be used as an effective absorbent for various water pollutants. We can tackle two problems simultaneously by utilizing sludge as a valuable resource for biochar production. Firstly, we can address the environmental concerns associated with sludge disposal and minimize its impact on our ecosystems. Secondly, we can transform this often overlooked waste product into a valuable material that can be used to combat water pollution. While the concept is promising, additional studies and experimentation are necessary to optimize the process.

Within our Interreg Alpine Space project Alps4GreenC and its current activities we are looking for collaboration with relevant ministries and stakeholders to drive positive change and contribute to the growth of biochar production in the Alpine Region.