Young people inspire European projects for rural and mountain communities’ smart transition

Mar 5, 2024

Today, in Aosta, SmartCommUnity, More than a Village (Central Europe) and Smart ERA (Horizon Europe) project partners, stakeholders, school youth and members of the EUSALP Youth Council met togheter to dialogue on views and ideas for smarter, more inclusive, attractive rural and mountain communities. The school Youth from the “Montagna 4.0 – FUTURe ALPS” project, which includes 250 students from Valtellina (Lombardia Region), Valle d’Aosta Region, Trentino (Trentino Alto Adige Region) and Carnia (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region) presented the fruits of their training path in contact with local entrepreneurs dedicated to the themes of environmental sustainability, tourism, innovation in the mountain regions. Member of the projects spoke with the young people with questions, suggestions and “encouragements” to continue activities undertaken.

In the afteernoon all projects partners focused on the smart community definition at European level as a common starting point to elaborate new methodologies, best practices and policy recommendations, through also the connection with other Macro-regional strategies.
Thanks to the workshop “Introduction to “systemic reading” for in-depth understanding of case studies and good practices” partners explored the most effective methodologies and approaches to achieve the project objectives.