Residues wanted!

Dec 6, 2022

Alps4GreenC is kicking off the Crowdsourcing campaign in December 2022 with a call for residues.

Published on Social Media, project partners Newsletters and by personal invitation of stakeholders, we want to raise awareness on our campaign and invite interested companies to take part. We are reaching out to farmers, foresters, cooperatives, industry (food processing, wood processing, pulp and paper) and anyone producing solid residual biomass that they would like to characterize and valorize. Examples of biomass suitable for Alps4GreenC are: wood waste forest residues, agricultural residues such as wine residues, fruit tree residues (pruning) or any solid by-product deriving from the agricultural processing. We created an online form – available in English and all national languages – to get basic informations from interested stakeholders about their residues. More information will be given to interested stakeholders by the project partners in national crowdsourcing workshops.

National Crowdsourcing Workshop Dates: 

Alps4GreenC Crowdsourcing Blitzworkshop 
Date: Jan 24, 2023 8.30 – 9.00
register here: LINK

Crowdsourcing Workshop
Date: Dec 16, 2022 10.00
register: LINK

Crowdsourcing Workshop
Date: Jan, 26, 2023

Online Form: LINK (select language)