Slovenia kicked off Crowdsourcing Campaign with Online Workshop

Jan 9, 2023

Slovenia kicked off its Crowdsourcing Campaign with an Online Meeting held on the 16th of Dec. It was attended by 10 people.

The invitation for the online event was sent to all relevant stakeholders and published on the project partners websites, in their newsletters and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). The Slovenian partners actively cooperated in inviting stakeholders and sharing posts.

The meeting started with an overall presentation of the project, its activities and outcomes. The properties and benefits of biochar were outlined. The partners from the National Institute of Chemistry were on call for technical questions about the delivery of biomass residues to the laboratories. The crowdsourcing action was presented by the Questionnaire, created to collect the interested biomass producers.

At the moment nobody seems to be seriously involved in developing pyrolysis furnaces as the existing circular economy system is unfavorable. The legislation needs to be adapted so that it recognizes biochar as a means of improving agricultural land, which will also create a market for it. The project is an excellent opportunity for Slovenia to progress in this field.

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