The Garum Project: Fermenting Flavour

May 28, 2024

The Garum Project took part in the CEFoodCycle Award and emerged as the winner of the Food Hub South Tyrol – Alto Adige. The project consortium had the pleasure to visit the company premises, to taste the food and the Garum condiments, as well as to meet two of the founders.

The Garum Project is making waves in the culinary world. They use fermentation as a “food transforming tool” and produce delicious liquid condiments. Outstandingly, they solely use food byproducts and leftovers like vegetable cuttings or retired organic laying hens into sustainable, tasty and umami-rich liquid condiments. An intense flavour is always the top priority. This allows cooks to reduce the amount of salt needed without compromising taste.

The Garum Project aims to disrupt the seasoning market. By emphasizing quality, health, sustainability, and flavour, they’re poised to become the go-to choice for cooks and food enthusiasts. The products do not need to be cooled and still have a shelf life of two years.

For further information, visit the Garum Project website: