Tanaro Valley: the Italian Living Lab of the project Forest EcoValue

May 20, 2024

Valle Tanaro has been selected as the Italian Living Lab for the project Forest EcoValue.

This ambitious project involves 10 partners from 5 European countries and aims to support the ecosystem services of Alpine forests. By implementing public-private market models and enhancing green and circular value chains, Forest EcoValue strives to promote both environmental and economic sustainability in Alpine regions.

The announcement was made on May 17th during the “Cuneo Mountain Festival” which also celebrates Cuneo’s recognition as the “Alpine Town of the Year 2024.” This prestigious award highlights the city’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

The development of the living lab in Valle Tanaro will enable the creation of sustainable management models for Alpine forests, providing significant environmental and territorial benefits.

The first consultation meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd, in the Municipality of Ormea, with the presence of the mayors of the involved municipalities and key stakeholders (forest owners, local operators, public and third sector entities, agroforestry businesses, tourism operators, etc.).

For more information on the Forest EcoValue project and the Piedmont Living Lab: https://www.finpiemonte.it/progetti-strategici/living-lab