Visitor Management as a Sustainable Tourism Measure TranStat`s Living Lab Great Walser Valley

Jul 11, 2024

In response to the challenges of overtourism in sensitive alpine ecosystems of the Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park, a series of measures were introduced under the concept of visitor management. These measures aim to influence the spatial, temporal and numerical presence of visitors in sensitive natural areas. Conflicts between hunting, forestry, locals and tourists have made it clear that a coordinated approach is required.

Following the first workshop in spring of this year with a wide range of participants, a coordination group was formed. This group includes representatives from hunting, forestry, water management, nature conservation, mountain guides, local mayors and the tourism industry. At the inaugural meeting, initial areas where visitor management is required were identified and will be tackled within this year. The aim is to enable visitors to enjoy nature while protecting sensitive species and habitats. Visitor management is implemented according to the principle of “as little as possible, as much as necessary”.

The coordination is managed by the state’s environmental department with contribution of the members of varies relevant actors representing the TranStat core group. The initiative aligns with the objectives of the TranStat project, promoting sustainable tourism and preserving natural environments.

Author: Kathrin Schwab, alpS