Increasing RES uptake through Microgrids in the Alps


Due to its topography, the Alpine Space (AS) area is characterised by many small local electric grids weakly connected to the upstream grid which are highly exposed to black-outs due to natural disasters that cut electric grid lines. In these areas a more resilient energy system is needed. On the other hand, the Alpine area has a high potential for low-carbon electricity generation from renewable sources and for local energy storage.

ALPGRIDS aims to create a transnational enabling environment as precondition for the development of microgrids by addressing regulatory issues (grid regulations, data security, energy consumer rights) and organizational-business challenges (feasibility, organizational structure). The project will build on the alpine assets: biomass availability, hydropower storage, green-tech clusters, autonomous local electricity producers/distributors and citizen energy communities.

Microgrids can contribute and lead to low carbon communities, increased autonomy and higher local employment. ALPGRIDS will use already existing technological solutions to develop a general concept of a microgrid as the creation of a resilient, innovative and partially autonomous energy system.