Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

Final International Conference and TGB

The final International conference, was organised by the ASTAHG project, on April 13th 2021, and on line due to the Covid-19 crises.

The aim of the international conference, entitled: "Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing" was to present the results of the project, to bring together key stakeholders to share knowledge and discuss the challenges and solutions to improve the quality of life of older people in remote areas and to present the future trajectories of AHA strategies at macro-regional and European level.

Above presenting the main ASTAHG project results, the conference provided support for:

  • Better governance capacities of regional AHA policies, by increasing synergies between different actions and sectors with a strong geographic focus on the Alpine Space;
  • Increasing the transferring of innovation and initiatives for AHA, by sharing experiences and good practices;
  • Increasing social innovation development by generating and adopting innovation for AHA actions. Both public and private actors were involved.


With the proportion of elderly increasing, active and healthy ageing (AHA) policies are being promoted in several Alpine Space (AS) regions.

Authorities from different sectors should coordinate their efforts and work with private organizations, local authorities and researchers to address the topic as effectively as possible. Through the ASTAHG Project 9 partners and 20 observers collaborate to increase the innovation level of AHA in the Alpine Space area and to contribute to the local and regional development. ASTAHG aims at: improving the governance capacities of regional Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) policies; easing the transferring of innovation and initiatives within the Alpine Space.

The ASTAHG final event also included the 4th meeting of the Transnational Governance Board (TGB), that presented experiences of innovative policies and services for AHA in the Alpine Space regions.

Here under, please find the program of the conference, as well as the minutes of the conference.

Agenda - Final Internatinal Conference

Final International Conference - Minutes