Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

O.T1.1. - AS Knowledge Atlas

Alpine Space (AS) Knowledge Atlas: A structure to map knowledge and cooperation in the field of Smart Living (SL) Technologies. It visualizes tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches in an accessible, digital knowledge database and visual matrix.



CARE4TECH Output O.T.1.1

Interested stakeholders have the possibility to access the AS Knowledge Atlas by submitting a formal request with Carinthia University of Applied Sciences under:

In order to receive access, they have to fulfil the following formal requirements:

  • Organizations located in the Alpine Space region that have already implemented or are implementing projects in the field of Smart Living
  • Sign the CARE4TECH Informed Consent
  • Fill in the Interview Scheme containing institutional data and questions relating to activities in the field of Smart Living

As soon as the formal requirements are fulfilled, interested organizations will receive their own login data via email.

CARE4TECH Output O.T.1.1