Sustainable Territories


While sustainability assessment tools are already wellestablished for buildings and small urban areas, such tools do not yet exist for the built environment at the level of territories. CESBA Alps aims to improve the sustainability of the Alpine built environment through the development of the first assessment tool at territorial scale, which will be contextualized to regional specificities.

Through objective criteria and performance indicators addressing all dimensions of sustainability, the tool will support the sustainability assessment of a territory, the definition of objective performance targets, the decision making in plan-ning processes and the implementation and monitoring of effective low carbon policies.

CESBA-Alps at a glance

Innovative policies for sustainable territories

  • We promote and facilitate the use and implementation of assessment tools at territorial level in low carbon policies and planning activities.
  • We set reliable, measurable and verifiable performance targets in policies and territorial plans


Sustainability Assessment Tools for Alpine Space Territories

  • We produce a sustainability assessment tool for territories (CESBA STT), which will be contextualized for each pilot region.
  • We create the necessary conditions for the implementation, use and adoption by of the regional CESBA STT tools.
  • A CESBA Alpine Space Passport with common Key performance indicators (CESBA KPI) allows the comparison of different regions.


Pilot testing: territorial assessment and training

  • We produced a guideline, a toolbox for implementation, and we support pilot testing and training on local level.
  • 9 local CESBA Committees (CLCs) will be developed to implement and test the CESBA STT tool in the pilot regions.
  • The 9 pilot regions are: Liechtenstein, Lombardia, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, Piemonte, Auvergne, Rhône Alpes, Slovenia, Upper Bavaria, Veneto and Vorarlberg.


The CESBA Alps project is part of the transnational CESBA-initiative,
ensuring the durability and transferability of results across Alpine space regions.
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