Governance and Youth in the Alps

Young Ideas for the Alps!

GaYA Conference on Youth Participation and Governance

November 30th 2018

Centre de Congrès Le Manège, Chambéry/FR

Are you a decision maker, a young citizen, a youth worker, an NGO or an interested Alpine inhabitant? Would you like to improve the possibility for young people to express their ideas and engage in the life and development of their municipality or region? Do you want to address the challenges of youth participation and find interesting solutions?

The GaYA – Governance and Youth in the Alps - conference is a unique experience, a chance to enjoy interactive sessions about youth participation and governance, music, an Alpine buffet and films made by young people. Come and appreciate the exchange with and creativity of participants from different alpine countries and speaking different languages.



Photos of the Final Conference

© Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps

Programme and Session Description

Posters from the pilot regions

Press release

How can young people actively shape the future of the Alps? The GaYA Conference on 30 November 2018 in Chambéry/F focuses on youth participation and governance.

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