Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets


Cities and regions in Alpine Space have mainly set their low-carbon objectives and adopted relevant strategies in energy, mobility, construction etc. – however a cross-sectoral ap-proach is missing. The project GREENCYCLE aims to intro-duce the system of circular economy as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies and provide additional 2-4 % greenhouse emission reduction to the partner cities.
Circular economy deployment will save energy, water, recover critical raw materials, reduce transport-related emissions, boost the eco-innovation, create green jobs and benefit to low income citizens.
Cities as biggest emissions producers and biggest energy and materials consumers will play the pioneering role by developing circular economy implementation strategies.

GREENCYCLE at a glance

Strategic framework for circular economy

  • We will develop a circular economy system for partner cities, building on available practices and existing low-carbon strategies.
  • The project will provide implementation strategies and establish cross-sectoral cooperation and governance.

Toolbox for circular economy deployment

  • We will develop a toolbox for the implementation of circu-lar economy strategies.
  • The toolbox will be tested by pilot project implementation in all partner cities.

Establishment of transnational circular economy marketplace – cooperation platform

  • We will establish a transnational cooperation platform to provide marketplace for specific circular economy outputs and to provide cooperation platform for local and regional governments of AS presenting governance systems, best practices etc.

Testing the pilots

  • Each municipality of the pilot-cities will implement its own pilot according to the needs and with help of the devel-oped toolbox.
  • The 5 pilot cities are: Freiburg, Vorau, Maribor, Pays Viennois and Trento