Municipalities join efforts for sustainable and concrete energy solutions

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Workshop on mutual learning, Grenoble 11/2016


Pooling Energy ACtion plans
and Enhancing their implementation in the Alps

PEACE-ALPS tackles the problems related to the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) or any other Energy concepts already endorsed by Local Authorities (LAs) in Alpine Space Area by supporting LAs in developing concrete actions with an inter-municipal approach.

The objectives will be reached by addressing the following topics:

+ energy management,

+ energy refurbishment of buildings and public light,

+ local adaptation to climate change.

The outputs and experience gained will be spread out in the Alpine Space with an effective engagement campaign of new regions interested in developing the same approach, and with policy recommendation at EU level.



PEACE_Alps partnership is composed of 11 partners coming from 6 different European countries. Moreover the project relies on 25 Observers including the Covenant of Mayor of Brusselles. All partners have a long standing experience on sustainable energy planning at local/regional level and in coordinating and participating in EU energy related projects.