Alpine Forests are Rock Stars !

The download section is open since the 15th of June 2017.

The project deliverables have been updated over the lifetime of the project according to the new data available, new data processing and feedbacks from both the consortium and stakeholders. Only the last updated version of each deliverable is available. Download the synthetic guidelines for supporting the sustainable management of Alpine forest ecosystems service of protection against rockfalls risks.



Project general presentation FLYERS : English –German-French-Italian-Slovenian :



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Workpackage T1. ROCK-EU: Development of an innovative Alpine Space  rockfall assessment methodology using harmonized criteria and objective data


Workpackage T2. TORRID: Construction of the first AS Toolbox for assessing the protective effect of forests against rOckfall and expressing the protective role in a Risk Reduction InDex


Workpackage T3. Production of the first harmonised map of forest ecosystems protective services  against rockfall risks for the entire AS


Workpackage T4. ASFORESEE :an AS harmonized methodology for protection FORest Ecosystem Services Economic Evaluation


Workpackage T5. Implementation of guidelines, a Territorial Information System and recommendations for sustainably valorise rockfall protection forest ecosystems services