OpenSpaceAlps’ Capacity building seminar – Call for applications!

Jun 14, 2021

As part of the activities of the “AlpPlan” alpine spatial planning network, the Interreg Alpine Space project “OpenSpaceAlps” is organising an international capacity building seminar on open space planning. The seminar will bring together young professionals from different alpine countries and regions.

It is going to take place 22th – 25th July 2021 in Salzburg (AT)

This capacity building seminar aims at improving the competences of spatial and sectoral planning of practitioners and advanced students. The seminar deals with specific skills and tools that help planners to identify relevant open spaces, analyse their functions and provide for legal safeguarding.

The seminar is targeted at young professionals from various disciplines: young people (up to 35 years of age) working in spatial or sectoral planning practice (e.g. public planning or conservation administrations; private planning offices) as well as advanced students (e.g. master studies in academic fields such as spatial planning, geography, landscape ecology, landscape architecture, nature conservation etc.). The seminar participants will be provided with free accommodation, meals and transportation during the seminar.

You can find more information on OpenSpaceAlps’ website.