Future of Cohesion Policy: final report online

Feb 23, 2024

Cohesion policy remains central to steering Europe towards shared prosperity and convergence. The Group on the Future of Cohesion Policy, set up by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, presented its final report, featuring recommendations to strengthen the EU’s cohesion policy.

The independent group emphasised in its report the need to tailor investments to regional needs and to strengthen social policies to reduce inequalities. They advocated the use of local resources, streamlined administrative procedures and inclusive development strategies.

The report provides useful insights for all of us to consider when promoting the added value of Interreg. It is structured around three key questions to reflect on cohesion policy beyond 2027:

  1. Why is cohesion policy crucial for the future of Europe?
  2. What does cohesion policy do, and what should it do?
  3. How can cohesion policy better fulfil its mission of economic, social, and territorial cohesion in the context of the green and digital transition and demographic change?

The upcoming 9th Cohesion Forum will further refine these strategies, with the European Commission’s report due in spring 2024.

In addition to the report, further information is available on the European Commission website and in the online presentation.