How do communication activities contribute to the success of Alpine Space projects?

Feb 16, 2023

We asked Maria Sole D’Orazio, lead partner of BE-READI ALPS this very question in our Alpine master class series!

The project partners of BE-READI ALPS focused on helping professionalize business support organisations in order to jointly provide services to help major, medium and small companies launch “Second Life Projects”. This means new projects, products, services and processes that could take advantage of the skills of the Alpine space. The project assisted companies in spotting innovation opportunities, defining a strategy, adopting the needed digital tools, finding suitable partners across the Alps and accessing new funding options like crowdfunding.

The project’s lead partner, Maria Sole D’Orazio, told us what made the success of BE-READI ALPS: “Since the beginning, we needed to have a well-structured communication plan in order to reach and involve our different targets. […] We organize a lot of events and together we identify a common and coherent image that we consistently use since the beginning until the end of the project, with all the communication channels of the projects but also the communication channels of all other partners. The same approach was used towards all the audiences and we adapted the instruments according to the target.”

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