Update about the main current activities of Work Package 1:

An online StressTest questionnaire has been sent to the project partners' stakeholders. These include inter alia cluster managers, regional policy makers, regional development agencies, research institutions and industry associations. The overall objective of the StressTest is to better understand the role that cluster initiatives can play in implementing S3 and how to improve the framework conditions for innovation induced by clusters and their SMEs. The interplay between S3 and clusters implies a two-way relationship between the two concepts. An initial way to view the interdependency is to look at how S3 can be used to foster innovation processes and spark entrepreneurship within clusters ("S3 -> Clusters"). Turning the relationship on its head, existing clusters can also be used as a tool in the implementation of S3 ("Clusters -> S3"). First findings will be presented at the PSG meeting in Munich on April 4.

The organization of the entrepreneurial discovery workshops is also running at full speed. The first of these workshops aimed at identifying priorities and strategic domains which are critical for the future competitiveness of the partner regions and their position in the global knowledge economy will be held in Salzburg on March 23, followed by Trento on March 30. The workshop in Munich will take place on April 4. Also confirmed are the dates for a second workshop in Salzburg (April 20), one in Linz (May 4) and one in Besançon (June 29). These workshops will be a crucial tool for the identification and discussion of synergies between the regional S3 of participating regions in the project. In parallel, a template has been sent to all project partners to collect an English summary of their regional S3 and additional inputs concerning potential synergies.‚Äč