One table of the world cafe session at the Greencycle final event in Maribor was hosted by the projects Interreg CIRCE, SRIP and Interreg WINPOL. The projects have been introduced and the following discussions were held:

1. Interreg CIRCE, presented by coordinator Saša Kek from the association of municipalities of Slovenia. The focus lies on the potential for Circular Economy in tourism. The fields of action are what a tourist needs: food and accommodation, mobility and attractions.

2. SRIP: Strategic research and innovation partnership – network for the transition into Circular Economy, was presented by coordinator Dragica Marinič from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Štajerska region of Slovenia. The long-term public-private partnership is working on new business models to establish new value chains with closed material flows. The material efficiency and productivity index shall improve from 1.07 in 2011 to 1.5 by 2020. Target groups are the economy, the government, research and education and NGOs. Projects focus on products and waste.

3. Interreg WINPOL

Branko Kosi from Snaga, a public company for Waste Management and Utility Services presented the project. 9 partners work on policy instruments for the local environment.

The discussions with the visiting participants were divers:

Drinking water versus recycled water. Is water too cheap?

How can bottom-up initiatives connect with top-down policies?

How can we keep the money in the area and not loose it to the global market?

Alternatively ask, how can to get global money into the local area, the moderator, Greencycle project manager Susanne Knospe from Freiburg said, reminding of the historic glass and clock carriers of the Black Forest. They carried goods to customers all over the world and brought back the money and thus changed this poor region into a thriving area. Innovative circular products from innovative entrepreneurs, like the ones show-cased earlier today from Evegreen, 123zero, milkywaste, Skimöbel and Donar have global market chances and are answers to that question.