Alps4GreenC Project Concludes Final Conference in Austria, Showcasing Advances in Circular Economy

Feb 29, 2024

Wieselburg, Austria – February 29, 2024

The Alps4GreenC project wrapped up its final conference in Wieselburg, Austria, highlighting significant progress in using green carbon sustainably across Europe. Hosted by BEST GmbH and organized by BioBASE_GmbH, the event showcased important advancements in turning leftover plant materials into biochar, which helps promote eco-friendly economic practices.

The conference featured informative sessions, starting with presentations of project results by all partners. Attendees also heard a special message from project officer Rainer Steindler, representing the Joint Secretariat Interreg Alpine Space. Additionally, representatives from key companies like Sonnenerde, NAWARO ENERGIE Betrieb GmbH, and others shared their views and contributions.
Slovenian Ambassador to Austria, Mr. Aleksander Geržina, emphasized the importance of working together regionally on eco-friendly technologies. Florian Kamleitner from Bioeconomy Austria stressed how biochar plays a big role in eco-friendly economic practices.

A significant part of the event was a discussion involving stakeholders on the Alps4GreenC Policy Recommendations, which aim to shape future policies in line with eco-friendly economic practices. Also, all companies involved in the successful crowdsourcing campaign were recognized, with an award ceremony honoring their contributions.

The Alps4GreenC project has been leading the way in promoting sustainable use of green carbon, as seen through its various initiatives. From a successful crowdsourcing campaign across Austria, Slovenia, and Italy, to practical testing and pilot production of biochar, the project has made tangible progress in promoting eco-friendly economic practices.

During the crowdsourcing campaign, organized by Freie Universität Bozen, 22 companies across various sectors participated, leading to the selection of 10 materials for biochar production. This initiative helped stakeholders understand the processes better and find ways to use leftover plant materials effectively. These selected samples underwent a practical testing and pilot production of green carbon further proved the suitability of biochars for eco-friendly agricultural and industrial use. Moreover, Alps4GreenC developed an interactive map to categorize economic activities related to leftover plant materials across Europe, making it easier to understand.
National workshops held in Austria, Slovenia, and Italy shared important information on using leftover plant materials and biochar, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. A comprehensive analysis by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska evaluated opportunities and challenges in using leftover plant materials, laying the groundwork for future initiatives.
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The conclusion of the final conference marks a significant milestone in the Alps4GreenC journey, showing its dedication to promoting eco-friendly economic practices across Europe.
Contact: Thomas Timmel