Beginning the 3rd period of H2MA project: new steps to accomplish

Feb 20, 2024

As of the beginning of 2024, we have entered the third period of the H2MA project! In this phase, the primary objective is to implement the outputs of the previous Work Package (WP1) by pilot testing the development of transalpine green H2 routes, advance territorial mobility plans, and enhance partners capacities on interconnected H2 supply & distribution planning across Alpine area.

The next steps that H2MA partners will follow are:

First (2.1):

The initial objective is to develop pilot-testing resources to guide the partners in setting up Local Working Groups and implementing pilot actions.

BSC (Business Support Centre) will provide pilot action guidelines for all the 6 partner territories: Slovenia, Austria, Lombardy, Upper Rhone Valley, Strasbourg Metropolitan Area, and Torino. These guidelines will define implementation steps, participants, timetable, and results expected, as well as the procedures to build Local Working Groups, who will test the H2MA tool and design the transalpine green H2 mobility routes.

COD (Codognotto) will provide a training package to be used in Local Working Groups meetings to enhance participants’ planning capacities in H2 mobility.

Second (2.2):

The next step aims to design the transalpine green H2 mobility plans integrating commercial and urban routes and interconnecting infrastructure for buses, trucks, trains, ports, and airports.

All the partners will organize local meetings with stakeholders to:

  • train participants on deploying the H2MA tool in a green H2 mobility framework
  • design green H2 routes in pilot territories (considering WP1 planning knowledge and specifications). Each design will propose the development of a territorial green H2 supply/distribution network, and will be delivered to the relevant national authorities for review.

PVF (Cluster Pole Vehicule du Futur) will summarize the meetings outcomes, and KPO (Climate Partner Upper Rhone Valley) will present individual designs.

Third (2.3):

The objective of this step is to conduct a review workshop to establish a common trans-Alpine green H2 mobility master plan, and to advance commercial/long-distance and urban mobility infrastructure planning.

FLA (Lombardy Foundation for the Environment) will guide partners on how to peer-review the territorial route designs and merge them into a common transalpine green H2 master plan. All partners will participate in FLA’s workshop in order to review their designs and contribute to the Master Plan, which will establish transnational green H2 routes across the Alpine space network, interconnect partners’ infrastructure nodes, and recommend optimal locations for future infrastructures.

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