I-SWAMP kicked off!

Jan 3, 2023

I-SWAMP partners met in San Vito di Cadore (Italy) on September 13th and 14th 2022 at the project’s kick-off meeting.

Representatives of each partner (TESAF department of the University of Padova, Geopark Karawnake-Karawanken and IRSNC/ZRSVN) and for the Austrian company E.C.O. (which will follow the scientific activities of the Geopark) got to know each other and discuss about how the project activities should be organized and carried out.

On the first day, after a short presentation of the project and the necessary introductions, the partners decided what would be the criteria for the choice of sites to be involved in the project for monitoring and restoration. These criteria will be: representativity of several wetland types; actual threats or menaces; importance of the site; geographical and altitudinal distribution; possibility of synergies with past/current projects and of collaboration with local stakeholders.

Each partner presented at least two sites that could make the final shortlist.

The partners then proceeded in choosing the members of the two steering groups (project steering group and communication body).

After that, all project activities were discussed, to set internal guidelines on how to organize them and how to cooperate in their planning and implementation: basic guidelines about biodiversity monitoring, restoration activities, education for schools and training activities for local stakeholders were discussed.

On the second day, the partners visited “Laghetti di Polentaia”, a local wetland composed of two small lakes located in a swampy area on the slopes of Mount Pelmo. This visit was an occasion to discuss about monitoring protocols and the difficulties in the implementation of project activities on field.